last chance

This weeks fab find comes from one of my favorite places to explore....Scottsdale's own Last Chance. If you're not afraid to get your dig on or box out a teenager to save a buck, then this is the place for you. If you prefer neatly stacked wares and decorated mannequins,
then you just stick to Nordies.
This Brass Plum sweater cost me six bucks and I snagged the two appliques in down town LA for a few dollars a piece. Then I did something really ingenious and velcroed them to the neckline in all the right places. Now I have two different looks for under $10....and that my friends, is thrifty!

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  1. Sometimes I can't tell who is writing the post and it brings out a weird OCD thing in me where I start twitching unless I can figure it out. Is there anyway you can somehow put a signature on your posts so we know who the author is?

    I think Mia wrote this post, but I'm not sure!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. OK so are you going to post your recipe for your rolls? You know the ones that were looking absolutely AMAZING in your Thanksgiving feast Post.

    Just ignore the last comment I previously tried to post this comment and when I did it said I was Grandma Anne but I guess the post didn't go through

    Miss ya


  4. Super cute..... umm I think I will be heading to LA tomorrow just to get some fun things to add on to my boring cardis!!!

  5. It's me KJ, I'll be better at posting my name in the future:)

    Em, I miss you like CRAZY! How do people in Mississippi celebrate Thanksgiving??? I'll give you my roll recipe any time you want it. We should do a posting on it soon. Just remember to stock up on butter, as this recipe requires no less then 10 lbs:)


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