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Oh, I just love Friday's Find! Don't you? I have a small addiction. It's minor if you want my opinion, but some people find it annoying. I LOVE pairs of things. If there is only one of something, I can usually leave it. If there are two, forget it! And FOUR!! Quadruplets? Now I might have a new addiction. When will two ever be good enough? I mean, when my friend had twins and I went to the hospital to see them, I walked out wondering how one baby would ever seem exciting again. Will two babies at a time now not cut it for me? There must be quads? Two pairs are better than one, right? See how thrifting is giving me unrealistic expectations? But I digress.....

I dashed into Savers last week looking for a pair of boots for my husband to wear for a production he was in. I had exactly 2 minutes. Somehow, I found myself in the "home" section. And there, piled high above the comforters were 4 (!) perfect, poofy, plush, pink pillows. And they were linen, with down inserts, just to make my heart beat a little faster. The problem.....I didn't need them. That's always the problem. I stacked them in my cart and by the time I reached the checkout, I had devised a wicked little plan.

Plan #327 for my master bedroom: Mostly neutrals with a hint of soothing blue/gray, and the tiniest touch of pale pink!

p.s. I looked up the pillows when I got home to discover their worth.....(another minor addiction of mine) Garnet Hill Washed Linen Collection, $100 apiece! $20 is all I was out for $400 worth of pillows.

Have you had any adventures lately that were met with treasures untold? Do tell. The winning story will recieve a small gift from us!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. Ooh, I get giddy over a fabulous deal, too!! $20 for $400 worth of stuff? How could you possibly pass that up?? Nice find!

  2. I have a small funtiure fettish.. Jill you have some understanding of it... Any way a few months back I found 2 leather chairs & an ottoman at an auction. Without seeing them I person I knew I was in love. I send my sweet little hubby down to bid on them but not to spend over 150 on them. He called me on his way home & told me he won the chairs for 250! I was a little concerned on how we were going to pay for 2 chairs & an ottoman that we didn't NEED... but then I found out they were form Restoration Hardware & worth 1250.00 each & the ottoman was worth 1400. Needless to say they are now my prizes posessions and Scott isn't in trouble for going over our "limit"! I am quite sure I will die in on of my chairs with my feet up nicely resting on my lovely ottoman!

  3. I used to work for this place called Farley Enterprises...we auctioned vintage clothing online to Japan...old levis, sweatshirts, air Jordan shoes, etc.

    One day at Savers, I found a vintage college sweatshirt (Champion brand with the runner running through the tape on the tag). Anyhow I bought it for $3 and sold it the next day at work through the auction for $80!!!!


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