peach pasta with a vengeance

Jilly told me all about Peach Pasta when we met 7 years ago and I HAD to have some. As soon as our shipment of Utah peaches came, we enjoyed a dish together and I've been in everlasting love since. Don't try to use peaches that aren't in season, you'll be sorry! It's good without the peaches too, but if you need to impress your mother-in-law you'll want to make this delicacy in the summer!

Jilly's Peach Pasta
1 bag cheese tortellini
Roasted red peppers
Sun dried tomatoes
Zest of lemon
Toasted pine nuts
Alfredo Sauce
Roasted asparagus, cut in bite sized pieces
Fresh grated Parmesan
Grilled chicken breast, sliced
Fresh Peaches, peeled and sliced
Boil tortellini according to package directions. Add pesto and Alfredo sauce.
Add all other ingredients to taste. Top with fresh Parmesan cheese.
Serve with crusty bread.


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Mia & Jilly

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