velveteen pumpkin tutorial

In the extreamly unfortunate case that you don't win these little guys (contest ends Nov 8th), do NOT fret! We're going to show you how to re-create them all on your own.

1. First things first, find an old velour jacket, a used sweater, or a scrap of fabric you've been holding onto for just the right occasion. (we think something velvety works the best and this beauty came from Savers for $1)

2. Trace preferred size of circle onto the fabric. We traced a half circle on the seam of the sleeve, because once it's all gathered up, you won't ever see a seam. Doing this saves fabric so you can make more!

3. Cut out your circle.

4. Double your thread and knot it. Hand sew a large basting stitch around the entire perimeter of the circle.

5. Pull the basting stitch evenly to form a small circle.

6. Fill with dry beans, rice, corn (whatever you have laying around that needs to be used up) This works well for small pumpkins. For larger ones, you want to fill the bottom 2/3 up with beans, and the top with a little polyester fiberfill.

7. Pull your basting stitch tight and stitch your opening shut really well. You shouldn't be able to see inside the pumpkin at all.

8. Hot glue the stem onto the top of your pumpkin. We found small, real stems for sale at our local pumpkin patch for 25 cents each. Or, now that Halloween is over, cut the stems off of your pumpkins before you throw them away.

And Voila! Aren't they just sweet?


  1. Hi girls, I really like this idea. I am featuring it later today on my current post. <3 your blog!

  2. These are the most fantastic pumpkins I have ever seen! Wow -just gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial. Popping over from Cheap Chic Home~

  3. I LOVED this DIY project and am saving for next year! Thanks for sharing : )


  4. Thanks so much, you girls are great! Jilly has been following The Old Painted Cottage forever and she'll be so tickled to see you dropped by!

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