halloween signs

{I made this for $25}

How about this Hallow's Eve sign I'm adding to my decor this year. You can easily make your own--

1. Find a frame with some good detail and have a piece of thin board cut to fit the opening (they'll do this at your local hardware store).

2. Lightly texture the board with drywall paste and a putty knife, let it dry completely.

3. Choose a spooky color and paint it over the texture, let it dry completely. I used a craft paint called Folk Art #459-Hauser Green Light.

4. Have some vinyl cut in the words and fonts you love--(I know there are a lot of people who sell vinyl out there or I'm happy to give you the contact info of my neighbor who did mine).

5. Apply the vinyl on to the board (you might have to do some paint touch up if the vinyl pulls a little bit up)

6. Distress the whole thing with dark stain. Let it seep into the texture to give it an aged look. I used raw umber paint, thinned down with a little water and a wet rag.

Here's the deal....Make your very own sign, post a pic of it on your blog, link it back to our blog, and we'll give you three entries to our October giveaway!


  1. This is great! I want to try it! I have a fab gold frame just waiting for me to get to work and my own SIlhouette to cut my vinyl! What am I waiting for!?!

    LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Mallory @ Classyclutter.blogspot.com

  2. I looove loooove loooove this!!!!

    ~The Mama Monster


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